About us

Who we are

MyChefIbiza provides high-quality meals for holiday-goers. The founders are a couple with a passion for cooking and a wealth of travel experience, which they use to create exceptional culinary experiences.

What we do

Convinced of the motherly saying “no better place to eat than home”, the goal is to create a sense of comfort for our guests, offering them the same level of service and hospitality that they would receive in the finest restaurants.

Whether you are on holiday with your family or friends, MyChefIbiza offers the perfect solution for those who prefer to enjoy their meals in the comfort of their own surroundings.

How we do it

By combining experience, knowledge, and love for cooking, MyChefIbiza creates unforgettable dining experiences. We provide the highest quality meals, using the freshest ingredients and innovative techniques to create unique and delicious dishes.



 About Chef Raúl


Chef Raúl began his career in top Ibiza restaurants, gaining invaluable knowledge from talented chefs. He later managed a restaurant in Bilbao, focusing on traditional Basque cuisine and quality service. As a private chef, chef Raúl uses high-quality ingredients to create personalized meals for clients with different dietary needs.

His passion for travel has taught chef Raúl to create complex, satisfying dishes that provide both nourishment and an emotional experience 


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